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27-01-2019, 19:59

Describing pictures in English (Oxford Online English) (10 form)

Категория: en-D, 10 form

Watch the lesson!
I. Put the parts of the plan in the right order:
a) Speculating about the context of a picture (Where and when was the picture taken? Who took the picture? What was the photographer doing there?) (2 sentences):
b) Giving details (where things are in the picture) (2-3 sentences):
c) Summary (general description) (1-2 sentences):
d) Speculating about the picture (thinking about questions you would like to ask and trying to guess the answers) (3-4 sentences):
e) Adding more details to the most important parts of the picture (What are the people / animals doing? What and where is situated?) (2-3 sentences):

II. Add useful phrases to the parts of the plan:
a) Sentences in Present Continuous!
b) “Perhaps, the picture was taken in…” “It must be taken by an amateur (a professional) photographer because …”.
c) “I suppose … May be… It must… He/she might…”.
d) “On the left (in the middle; at the bottom; on the right) there is / are …”. “In the foreground / in the background you can see …”
e) There is / are … (or The picture shows …).

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